Dear colleagues,

I wanted to write and personally congratulate you.

I have been hosting one of your students, Mina Perić in my laboratory for the past year thanks to the European Grant Dr. Andjus has received and I joined as a collaborator.

I want to congratulate you for selecting and training such amazing students. Mina Perić has been an exceptional PhD student not only in my lab, but also at Northwestern.

I want to tell you that she has given an amazing seminar at our departmental seminar series (please see attached flyer), accepting only the best students to present data to the whole department, which has more than 120 faculty, and top #5 Neurology Departments in the US. So you can imagine how competitive and remarkable it is that Mina has given one of the best presentations during her visit at Northwestern.

I think we all should feel proud of Mina, especially you should feel the pride of having such amazing students representing your institution so well beyond Belgrade and here in United States.

Mina’s days are approaching to an end in my lab and she will soon be returning back to her home institution. I would like to ensure you that she has received amazing training, she contributed greatly to the research, and she even published a paper already.

I also want you to remember that Chicago was badly hit by Covid pandemic and our institution was closed for more than a month. Even at those days, Mina continued her research program and did not give up. Her determination and her devotion to her work is second to none. We need to cherish and support students like Mina as they are hard to come by nowadays.

As we prepare for her departure, I can assure you that she worked more than she could and she was as productive as anyone could be. Some of her electrophysiology studies could not be completed because the labs were closed, the facilities were closed and it was impossible beyond her or our control. However, she completed cloning, expression, and all other more challenging studies with utmost perfection.

I would like to invite you to congratulate her upon her arrival, and please feel proud of yourself for raising such bright scientists of our times.

I thank Dr. Andjus for giving me the opportunity of working with Mina Perić and please consider our lab for our continued collaborations.

Most sincerely,

Hande Ozdinler​



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