Period : 2018-2021
Project coordinating institution: Faculty of Biology University of Belgrade
Principal investigator : Prof. Pavle R. Andjus, PhD


The objectives addressed will be:

  • Development of experimental cellular models and procedures with immunoglobulins (IgGs) from patient sera as diagnostic and prognostic technologies related to neurodegenerative diseases, NDs (particularly based on amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – ALS research).
  • Defining mark-up characteristics of the standardized in vitro approach for personalized diagnostic protocols for NDs.
  • Design of a small-scale platform based on automated fluorescence microscopy.

These objectives are based on previous studies on ALS of the Belgrade group, however the project also proposes to study the applications on other neuroinflammations and neuroinflammatory conditions. This addresses a relevant S&T as well as a socioeconomic medical issue. As can be evidenced by literature search it is the right timing for solving this research challenge towards application by means of networking.

The project aims to design a biomedical device for the automatic evaluation of diagnostic potential of ALS IgGs primarily employing primary astrocytes and neurons in culture. There are several lines of this project that will allow for a sustained partnership.

  1. This innovative device offers a wider field of applications in respect to possible neurodegenerative / neuroinflammatory phenomena as well as other plated cell populations (stem cells, cell lines etc).
  2. The design of the device within the project is planned to reach the prototype level. However, the study of the market and the creation of a business plan for the device production and exploitation needs a sustained collaboration between the academic and SME participants.
  3. The project research topics open a new filed of neuroimmunological basic studies to pursue among the academic partners of the AUTOIGG after its completion.

Important documentation for seconded personnel

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Annual Meeting 5

Annual meeting of AUTOIGG (Grant Agreement 778405), “Automated Functional Screening of IgGs for Diagnostics of Neurodegenerative Diseases”, organizer University of Belgrade FACULTY OF BIOLOGY, was held online, hosted by FBUB on December 21, 2022.   Read more…