Mikhailov Nikita, an early stage researcher, completed his secondment from UEF to ELVESYS on topic of ‘Pilot platform design’. You can find his report below:

Experimental setups (perfusion chambers and application systems) that are used in scientific labs have many advantages, but are designed for individual unique experiments, requires continuous readjustments and cannot provide us high enough throughput that is required for clinical medical tests. However, we aimed to improve consistency of experiments with help of microfluidics.

Several problems need to be addressed: (1) level of the shear stress induced by normal work, (2) volume of the applied solutions, as well as (3) positioning and adjustments of the perfusion and solution application system. Nikita worked on all of these problems during his secondment.

Nikita at microscope at ELVESYS

Nikita & Sasha Cai at ELVESYS